Firefighter Training Podcast

Fireground search operations and training are discussed along with the concept of "Train like you Fight".

Some search operating techniques as well as some search training ideas are presented.

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This week we look at yet another fire service acronym (like we need another) and we place our attention on the common denominators that continue to appear in NIOSH LODD reports.

Buddy System


Standard Operating Procedures

Incident command issues


Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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Sometimes the Fire Department Training Officer can lose focus when hit with the demands of everything they are trying to accomplish. This week we talk about some important subjects that need to be addressed and how the training officer can gather data and maintain records that will keep your training program on track.

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David Soler from the Firefighter Toolbox shares his views on training and much more, and concepts behind his website.

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John Dixon is a fire lieutenant with the Teaneck NJ fire department and a contributing author at the Firefighter Toolbox. John shares his views, tips and techniques about the subject of being an effective fire officer.

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