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This week we will talk about some of the additional basics considerations which must be factored into your decision making when you respond and operate at the scene of an explosion, regardless of the cause.

Sign up for the January training sessions here.

Contact us if you would like a speaking engagement in your area.

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A short lighthearted episode this week, with greetings from near and far, thank you to the listeners, and a firefighting version of the poem Twas the night before Christmas!

Reminder of training announcements for January. Details and registration can be found here.

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This week we talk about expectations and how they affect the fire service and your organization.

We also announce 2 Size up training session webinars for January.

For January 8th, 2014 at 7:00 PM Eastern Click this link

For January 11, 2014 at 9:00 AM Easter Click this link

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This week a special announcement and request for our Christmas episode, and some serious talk about SCBA basics and training techniques using the Scott breathing apparatus.

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Our guest this week is Christopher Naum from the website buildings on fire. Chris is an internationally known expert on the subject and he is carrying on from his mentor Frank Brannigan.

THis week we take an overview look of the five types of building construction as defined by NFPA 220, we look at wood frame buildings, and some of the things to be considered.

We also begin a discussion on engineered structural members and how the change the dynamics of what we are currently doing with suppression tactics and discuss how that might have changed from years past. The increase in the ability of these engineered systems allow for increase in the compartment spaces, meaning size and area of the fire compartment and how that has a direct impact on rate of flow.

Buildings On Fire website

NIOSH Website

Command Safety Website

The Company Officer Website


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This week we interview Deputy Chief William Goldfeder from

We get into a general discussion about the site, his work, his background and things for the future. At the end of the episode some real quick and simple tips for staying safe in your own department and protecting your members.

Here are some useful links to supplement this episode.

National Fallen Firefighters website

International Association of Fire Chiefs Volunteer and combination officers section

VFIS Volunteer Firemen's Insurance training

International Association of Firefighters Health and Safety

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This week some considerations for handling a hazardous material incident. We will approach this from the perspective of firefighters responding to an incident rather than a specialized trained hazardous materials team.

We talk about some very basic material such as how to determine which of the hazardous material incident classifications your department is capable of handling, how to identify the product involved by multiple sources (3-5) and the hazardous material zone system. We also direct you to load the WISER software and app for your smartphone or desktop and learn about that as well.

We discuss that the size, scope, and magnitude of the problem may also didtate your department's capabilities.

Recognize and identify the situation, isolate and deny entry (to civilians as well as firefighters) eliminatee all sources of ignition, call for additional resources and devlop a mitigation plan.

Please feel free to contact us at by email or by voicemail at 774-987-9414 for information about online hazardous materials training for your department.

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This week we discuss using the NFPA 1410 Standard to evaluate a variety of water supply and initial attack line deployment. The discussion will review hydrant systems as well as drafting and portable water sources.

We all believe we are doing it correctly but how do we measure that and test ourselves against the minimum standard.

Even if you do not meet the standard the first time you try it, you should use it as an operational goal.

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This week a look at some information on problem solving and conflict resolution that is not only good in the firehouse but also good in life in general.

The problems and conflict resolution we see in the firehouse are often greater than the challenges we face on the fireground.

One of our greatest commodities is our people but they also bring us some of our greatest challenges in leading an organization and keeping it focused.

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This week a look at a couple of training opportunities, and a serious discussion about fireground dangerous conditions.

Fireground size-up and safety program being held November 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. See more information at this link.

Second program being held at 7:00 PM Eastern on November 7, 2013 See more information and register here:

For any more information, comments or questions please contact 774-987-9414 and leave a voicemail.

Fire behind, below the attack team

Something that just doesn't feel right on the scene

Limited ingress and egress situations

Unprotected openings

Size of the structure - water versus air supply

Been there too long - operations lasting greater than 10-15 minutes

Bad smoke - wrong color, wrong place, wrong movement

Lack of ventilation

If the crew cannot locate the fire

Floor or roof collapse stairway collapse

Collapse potential  construction, occupancy, length of burn, lightweight materials, ankle deep water on floors, parallel chord truss, suspension columns, exposed steel

Electrical hazards gas utilities in general

Pressurized containers

Flying material- bouncing bricks

Uneven terrain


Building overhangs

Flashover and backdraft

Conflicting information from multiple sources

The plan isn't working, standard fire attack broken

Commercial is different from residential

Firefighters that are not ready

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A look at some principles of leadership, communication issues (off the fireground), and a brief overview of discipline with a fresh look.

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This week a discussion about communication. We discuss analog and digital, frequency and spectrum, communication flow, and some priority of communications.

We Also revisit the CAN report.

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The first Sunday in October is designated as the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Sunday. In this episode we read the honor roll of the 81 Lives lost in 2012 with a small tribute.

The second portion of the episode is a review of the Structural Firefighting Rules of Engagement for firefighters and incident commanders. I felt it was important that in order to properly honor those who have given their lives, that we should review some positive safety actions to insure they have not died in vain.

I have left links to the honor roll and the rules of engagement below.

The National Fallen Firefighter Honor Roll :

The IAFC Rules of Engagement Poster :

The version of Amazing Grace used is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Amazing Grace 2011 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at

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This week we discuss recognizing and handling void space fires 

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This week we will take a look at the fireground decision making model consisting of the three basic questions: What have I got? Where is it going? What resources do I need to control it?

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This week I am offering the show as a platform to Joe Starnes from the Kill The Flashover project so he can explain this project and distribute the information to a different audience.

The views represented are Joe's in the form of explanation and data provided.

Kill The Flashover is a three legged stool consisting of Air Flow track, Thermal imaging use, and enhanced water streams (adding an agent)

For more information on this project, photos and videos please go to:

To contact Joe directly send an email to

Do not attempt any of the techniques discussed here without further research and formalized training in the subject.

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This week a discussion on the fire officer, some traits and qualities.

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This week our focus is on vehicle fires. We offer some considerations and tips for handling these emergencies.

Episode # 25 ! Where did the time go?

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This week we talk about Commercial building fire issues. Some general thoughts, training ideas, and some pre-fire planning suggestions.

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This week we discuss an emergency action plan for when your fire department has to handle something beyond its normal capabilities and resources such as severe weather emergencies or large scale region wide events.

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This week we discuss the training officer, some thoughts on duties, capabilities and roles.

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This week a discussion on water supply & delivery for firefighting.

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Just a quick overview and some commentary on some common fire and emergency incidents.

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This week we look at breaking down the fireground operation and response from Door to door. From the door of your house to the door of the station, from the door of the station to the apparatus door, from the overhead doors of the station to the door of the structure on fire and back again!

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This week a couple of quick program updates and a discussion on the residential attic fire.

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This week an interview with a Canadian Fire Chief that is all about training and safety.

Some insights on training, leadership and safety.

Contact Chief Screiner at - for further information.

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An interview with Chief Rich Gasaway on the subject of Situational Awareness, and how it impacts us on the fireground and all emergency incidents.

Visit for more information

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Some tips for using computer simulation in training and an interview with Jim Murphy from Commandsim and SimsUShare software.

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Acknowledgement of LODD Tony Barker, Age 36 Mountain View FD , NC

Handling the residential garage fire, and some training tips for review.

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This week a slight departure where we take a humorous and lighthearted look about a serious subject whiie making the point, that sometimes we need to look outside our own service to find ways to do things better!

We compare incident management to a restaurant operation!

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Acknowledgement of the Houston LODD at the Southwest INN Fire

Captain EMT Matthew Renaud Age 35 - Engine 51

Engineer EMT Operator Robert BeBee Age 41 - Engine 51

Firefighter EMT Robert Garner, Age 29 - Engine 68

Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan, Age 24 - Engine 68

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the additional 13 members injured including the Captain of Engine 68 still hospitalized in critical condition as of this episode.


Rescue , Exposures, Confinement, Extinguishment, Overhaul, Ventilation, Salvage.

Ventilation belongs somewhere between confinement and extinguishment and if you follow those steps in order you will have a more successful fireground operation.

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This week we look at the on scene safety officer and offer a review of some checksheets that might assist in making the job easier.

Acknowledge the LODD of Phoenix firefighter Bradley Harper.

Acknowledge the LODD of Dallas Firefighter Stanley Wilson

Safety Checksheets reviewed:

Structure Fire, major vehicle accident, Hazardous materials incident, water and ice rescue, and technical rescue

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This week we acknowledge three LODD from the month of May and we also review the reccomendations of a NIOSH report.

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This week special Guest Ellen Rossano and I discuss social media use.

We look at the organization use, interaction with the media, and personal use by members.

This one is not a "tactical" fire service training in any way, but more of an administrative look at this interesting topic.

Contact information for Ellen is Included in the episode.

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LODD of FF Gene Kirchner, Reistertown Maryland

Fire service words to live by

A random sampling of some terminology with lessons and commentary  for you to take back to your own department and organization.

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This week a discussion on size up on the fireground.

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This week's episode, 3 single LODDs from earlier this month, and the 11 or 12 LODD from West texas explosion

Talk about West texas and preplanning target hazards in your community and learning about Ammonium Nitrate.

Some discussion about the Boston Marathon, operating with police agencies in tactical scenarios and lessons to be learned.

Preventing the mayday and what to teach firefighters, and more.

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An Interview with Chief Jim Blanchard (Retired) Saugus, Massachusetts about the History and Traditions of the fire service.


The Maltese Cross

The Jenks Engine

St Florian

The Helmet

The Civil War and Zouaves

The Bell Cap

The Pompier ladder


...and more!

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Some Current Events

(2) LODD Binghamton NY and Philadelphia

Hidden Dangers of garage fires

Baltimore Mayor vs Union

Dallas Helmet Cam Video issue

Renewed sifting of debris from 9/11

FDNY EMS vs. PD in ambulance

Md. Engine taking wrong turn to a fatal fire.

Tactical Rules for emergencies

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This week some current events, and a discussion on the Rapid Intervention Timeline and Crew Survivability.

Current Events:

Coventry RI Fire Department being dissolved

Fire engineering Forcible entry drill and Oxygen and smoking fire in Massachusetts

Another FDNY EMS Lt. In trouble on social media and more hate speak in support of him

Utica NY FD SUV accident

Missouri chief seriously hurt in tanker roll over

DC firefighters take a vote of no confidence in their chief

Ice smashing an engine windshield in Wayne Twp 

Dayton Ohio Captain struck while operating on the roadway.

More from Firegeezer about dangerous roadway operations.

Ekom South carolina fire station burns

LODD of NJ wildland FF Jeff Scheurer age 35.

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Some current events from the last week

FDNY Commissioner Son tweeting FDNY EMS

Miami Dade FD confrontation with Videographer

California Engine crash

Problems in DC

The Mesilla Fd in New mexico gives up stipends for new truck

Detroit FD stations getting robbed

Snake set on fire, revenge!

RI Legislator introduces a bill to make fire inspections every 10 years.

The fire suppression time line and what it means for training.

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Tis is the first episode of the Firefighter Training Podcast. In this episode we talk about set up and things to come and we discuss search and the rescue profile.

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