Firefighter Training Podcast

This week a discussion on size up on the fireground.

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This week's episode, 3 single LODDs from earlier this month, and the 11 or 12 LODD from West texas explosion

Talk about West texas and preplanning target hazards in your community and learning about Ammonium Nitrate.

Some discussion about the Boston Marathon, operating with police agencies in tactical scenarios and lessons to be learned.

Preventing the mayday and what to teach firefighters, and more.

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An Interview with Chief Jim Blanchard (Retired) Saugus, Massachusetts about the History and Traditions of the fire service.


The Maltese Cross

The Jenks Engine

St Florian

The Helmet

The Civil War and Zouaves

The Bell Cap

The Pompier ladder


...and more!

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Some Current Events

(2) LODD Binghamton NY and Philadelphia

Hidden Dangers of garage fires

Baltimore Mayor vs Union

Dallas Helmet Cam Video issue

Renewed sifting of debris from 9/11

FDNY EMS vs. PD in ambulance

Md. Engine taking wrong turn to a fatal fire.

Tactical Rules for emergencies

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