Firefighter Training Podcast

This week our guest Assistant Chief Becki White, takes us into the topics that help make us better instructors. We talk about how adults learn, we talk about classroom and environment, how to build and utilize powerpoint slides.

This episode lays the foundations for making you a better fire instructor.

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This episode has some similarities to the episode on common alarms but I went into a little more specifics and we confined the discussion to commercial buildings, heating systems, and residential smoke investigations.

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This week we talk about how to train for advancing the attack hoseline, and some tips and techniques for operating and advancing that line.

We also reference the Water Supply episode and the NFPA 1410 episode.

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This week we take a look at what we are calling Tactical Common Sense. Bob has 40 years experience in the fire service from FDNY, to smaller departments and 20+ years as a national fire service instructor. I think that Bob simplifies many complex issues and talks about how to make things work for you in your department, and how to consider what is important on the fireground.

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