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This week we look at ARFF on and off the field. We talk about airport firefighting operations as well as what to do if you have a small aircraft down within your response district.

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This week we revisit a 2006 incident which led to a comprehensive study on the effects of cyanide in smoke at structural fires. This interview from one of the folks involved in the development of the study, will shed light on this problem, and give tips for things you can do within your own department to handle it.


The link to the study is here:

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This episode we take a look at the Fire and collapse of the Hotel Vendome in Boston, Massachusetts on June 17, 1972. This tragic fire in firefighting history has many lessons that can still be valid today.

The fire took the lives of 9 firefighters:

  • Fire Fighter Thomas W. Beckwith
  • Fire Fighter Joseph F. Boucher
  • Lieutenant Thomas J. Carroll
  • Fire Fighter Charles E. Dolan
  • Lieutenant John E. Hanbury, Jr.
  • Fire Fighter John E. Jameson
  • Fire Fighter Richard B. Magee
  • Fire Fighter Paul J. Murphy
  • Fire Fighter Joseph P. Saniuk

Captain Connelly is also the author of the book Returning to Quarters, a history of all of the boston firehouses and companies in the city. The book is available for sale and Rick has agreed to waive the shipping for our listeners, and sell the book at $22.00.

If you would like a copy send regular mail with a check to:


PO Box 216

Stow, Ma 01775

PS: Please indicate if you would like the book signed.

To contact Rick Directly you can reach him at

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Just some thoughts this week on integrating new people into your organization, verifying their training and making sure they "FIT" your organization.

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This week we are talking with Domenic Colletti of the Rural Firefighting Academy Online Learning. In addition to talking about the online learning we also venture into talking about Class A Foam, Compressed Air Foam, driving of Tankers (tenders) and training in general.

Lots to learn in this episode.

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