Firefighter Training Podcast

An interview with Chief Rich Gasaway on the subject of Situational Awareness, and how it impacts us on the fireground and all emergency incidents.

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Some tips for using computer simulation in training and an interview with Jim Murphy from Commandsim and SimsUShare software.

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Acknowledgement of LODD Tony Barker, Age 36 Mountain View FD , NC

Handling the residential garage fire, and some training tips for review.

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This week a slight departure where we take a humorous and lighthearted look about a serious subject whiie making the point, that sometimes we need to look outside our own service to find ways to do things better!

We compare incident management to a restaurant operation!

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Acknowledgement of the Houston LODD at the Southwest INN Fire

Captain EMT Matthew Renaud Age 35 - Engine 51

Engineer EMT Operator Robert BeBee Age 41 - Engine 51

Firefighter EMT Robert Garner, Age 29 - Engine 68

Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan, Age 24 - Engine 68

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the additional 13 members injured including the Captain of Engine 68 still hospitalized in critical condition as of this episode.


Rescue , Exposures, Confinement, Extinguishment, Overhaul, Ventilation, Salvage.

Ventilation belongs somewhere between confinement and extinguishment and if you follow those steps in order you will have a more successful fireground operation.

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