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This week we will talk about some of the additional basics considerations which must be factored into your decision making when you respond and operate at the scene of an explosion, regardless of the cause.

Sign up for the January training sessions here.

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A short lighthearted episode this week, with greetings from near and far, thank you to the listeners, and a firefighting version of the poem Twas the night before Christmas!

Reminder of training announcements for January. Details and registration can be found here.

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This week we talk about expectations and how they affect the fire service and your organization.

We also announce 2 Size up training session webinars for January.

For January 8th, 2014 at 7:00 PM Eastern Click this link

For January 11, 2014 at 9:00 AM Easter Click this link

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This week a special announcement and request for our Christmas episode, and some serious talk about SCBA basics and training techniques using the Scott breathing apparatus.

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Our guest this week is Christopher Naum from the website buildings on fire. Chris is an internationally known expert on the subject and he is carrying on from his mentor Frank Brannigan.

THis week we take an overview look of the five types of building construction as defined by NFPA 220, we look at wood frame buildings, and some of the things to be considered.

We also begin a discussion on engineered structural members and how the change the dynamics of what we are currently doing with suppression tactics and discuss how that might have changed from years past. The increase in the ability of these engineered systems allow for increase in the compartment spaces, meaning size and area of the fire compartment and how that has a direct impact on rate of flow.

Buildings On Fire website

NIOSH Website

Command Safety Website

The Company Officer Website


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