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This week we discuss recognizing and handling void space fires 

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This week we will take a look at the fireground decision making model consisting of the three basic questions: What have I got? Where is it going? What resources do I need to control it?

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This week I am offering the show as a platform to Joe Starnes from the Kill The Flashover project so he can explain this project and distribute the information to a different audience.

The views represented are Joe's in the form of explanation and data provided.

Kill The Flashover is a three legged stool consisting of Air Flow track, Thermal imaging use, and enhanced water streams (adding an agent)

For more information on this project, photos and videos please go to:

To contact Joe directly send an email to

Do not attempt any of the techniques discussed here without further research and formalized training in the subject.

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This week a discussion on the fire officer, some traits and qualities.

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This week our focus is on vehicle fires. We offer some considerations and tips for handling these emergencies.

Episode # 25 ! Where did the time go?

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