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This week on The Firefighter Training Podcast we talk about how to build good tabletop exercises and the system of identifying a problem, gathering intel, training, tabletop, and then full scale exercise. The tabletop is not a test but 1 piece of a comprehensive training plan.

Also two very important "AskThe Chief" segments on self dispatch and the working relationship between career and on call departments in the same system and organization.

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This week The Firefighter Training Podcast asks the questions, "Are we teaching tactical decision making wrong?"

My thoughts on maybe a different way of instruction.

This episode is operational in nature.

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This week the Firefighter Training Podcast celebrates 6 years of podcasting on this St Patrick's day. Because of that we talk about 6 factors or considerations of being on an engine company, being on a ladder company, being and officer and being a firefighter.

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This week The Firefighter Training Podcast talks about the speed bumps that might be occurring on your organizations information highway.

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This week The Firefighter Training Podcast discusses many aspects of the term controlling the response. I talk about the obvious driving and responding things, but more importantly I talk about controlling your personal response in difficult times, situations, and dealing with difficult people.

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