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Sprinkler systems are an invaluable resource to the firefighter. This week I discuss pre-planning these buildings that have sprinkler systems, understanding the basics of systems, and operating at fires in sprinklered facilities.

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Dr Burton Clark shares a very sobering and insightful message during this episode about how to measure success. This very direct and thought provoking episode will at times make you think, at times might make you angry, but most of all Dr. Clark hopes will affect you so that you take action and make a difference with your own safety and that of your brothers and sisters on your department.

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Assistant Chief Becki White and I discuss fire prevention, what it is, and how to do it correctly in a small department.

We talk about the difference between, public relations, public information, and public education. In addition we talk about changes to the traditional fire prevention messages, current trends, and where to find your audience.

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This episode is a common sense look at how our value system instilled in us by our parents can make us better firefighters and officers, and chiefs.

A lighthearted approach to dealing with the fire service and others, all brought to s by mom!

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This episode is about behavior and actions and changing the wire the fire service thinks. There are tons of other perspectives out there and I suggest you listen to them all, but decide for yourself which ones to act upon.

I hope this episode gives you something to think about.

It comes from a classroom and online program that I deliver and if you would like further information, please feel free to contact me.

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