Firefighter Training Podcast

This week some current events, and a discussion on the Rapid Intervention Timeline and Crew Survivability.

Current Events:

Coventry RI Fire Department being dissolved

Fire engineering Forcible entry drill and Oxygen and smoking fire in Massachusetts

Another FDNY EMS Lt. In trouble on social media and more hate speak in support of him

Utica NY FD SUV accident

Missouri chief seriously hurt in tanker roll over

DC firefighters take a vote of no confidence in their chief

Ice smashing an engine windshield in Wayne Twp 

Dayton Ohio Captain struck while operating on the roadway.

More from Firegeezer about dangerous roadway operations.

Ekom South carolina fire station burns

LODD of NJ wildland FF Jeff Scheurer age 35.

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Some current events from the last week

FDNY Commissioner Son tweeting FDNY EMS

Miami Dade FD confrontation with Videographer

California Engine crash

Problems in DC

The Mesilla Fd in New mexico gives up stipends for new truck

Detroit FD stations getting robbed

Snake set on fire, revenge!

RI Legislator introduces a bill to make fire inspections every 10 years.

The fire suppression time line and what it means for training.

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Tis is the first episode of the Firefighter Training Podcast. In this episode we talk about set up and things to come and we discuss search and the rescue profile.

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