Firefighter Training Podcast

This week we are speaking to Jon Pascua who is pioneering the use of DJI Phantom quadcopters for use in the fire service. We talk a little about technology, uses, costs and more.

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This week we talk about standard operating procedures (SOPs) or standard operating guides if you prefer. What they are, why you need them, how to write them and review them and use them for a training document are all discussed.


Book that was referenced:


Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines, John Lee Cook, published by Fire Engineering books.

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This week some considerations for operating as the incident commander. The primary discussion is about a structure fire, but also we discuss how these techniques can apply to other incidents as well.

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This week we look at an underutilized tool in the fire service, the portable fire extinguisher.

We talk a little bit about the"can", pressurized water, using CO2 in the right circumstances, and using dry chemical by itself or with water.

We briefly chat about class K extinguishers found in commercial kitchen areas and also the specialized class D flammable metals extinguishers.

A bunch of announcements and updates as well as the Toledo and Arkansas LODD.

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