Firefighter Training Podcast

This week a look at a couple of training opportunities, and a serious discussion about fireground dangerous conditions.

Fireground size-up and safety program being held November 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. See more information at this link.

Second program being held at 7:00 PM Eastern on November 7, 2013 See more information and register here:

For any more information, comments or questions please contact 774-987-9414 and leave a voicemail.

Fire behind, below the attack team

Something that just doesn't feel right on the scene

Limited ingress and egress situations

Unprotected openings

Size of the structure - water versus air supply

Been there too long - operations lasting greater than 10-15 minutes

Bad smoke - wrong color, wrong place, wrong movement

Lack of ventilation

If the crew cannot locate the fire

Floor or roof collapse stairway collapse

Collapse potential  construction, occupancy, length of burn, lightweight materials, ankle deep water on floors, parallel chord truss, suspension columns, exposed steel

Electrical hazards gas utilities in general

Pressurized containers

Flying material- bouncing bricks

Uneven terrain


Building overhangs

Flashover and backdraft

Conflicting information from multiple sources

The plan isn't working, standard fire attack broken

Commercial is different from residential

Firefighters that are not ready

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A look at some principles of leadership, communication issues (off the fireground), and a brief overview of discipline with a fresh look.

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This week a discussion about communication. We discuss analog and digital, frequency and spectrum, communication flow, and some priority of communications.

We Also revisit the CAN report.

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The first Sunday in October is designated as the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Sunday. In this episode we read the honor roll of the 81 Lives lost in 2012 with a small tribute.

The second portion of the episode is a review of the Structural Firefighting Rules of Engagement for firefighters and incident commanders. I felt it was important that in order to properly honor those who have given their lives, that we should review some positive safety actions to insure they have not died in vain.

I have left links to the honor roll and the rules of engagement below.

The National Fallen Firefighter Honor Roll :

The IAFC Rules of Engagement Poster :

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