Firefighter Training Podcast

This week we look at vehicle extrication, vehicle construction with Michael Smith from Boron extrication.


You can find Mike at

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This week we speak about incidents that go wrong for a variety of reasons on the fireground. These have little to do with the building on fire and more to do with operations.

  • Problems with drafting from water sources
  • Falls on the fireground due to unseen hazards
  • Laying hose inadvertently
  • Pumpers chocking on smoke and stalling
  • LDH hose being run over in dual wheels
  • Members falling ill upon arrival
  • Aerial frozen
  • Supply lines not charged and burning
  • Wrong direction, wrong address
  • Missed calls and more
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This week we have an interview with Fire Chief William Halstead of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department in Newtown Connecticut. Chief Halstead was involved on December 14,2012, when 20 children and 6 adults were murdered in a horrific crime at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

The fire department had a supporting role in this primarily police operation.

This episode is in memory of those lives lost and the families directly affected. We are only discussing the fire department operation because that is the nature of the Firefighter Training Podcast.

Our thoughts are with the families who suffered loss of life to family, friends and loved ones, and also we respect and honor the police officers in Newtown as well as the Connecticut State police and many of the other agencies that responded.

At the end of the episode there is a website given by the chief where any listener who would like to assist in some small way might be able to do so.

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This week we take quotes from everyday life and put a fire service twist on them. The episode is good for fire officers, firefighters, chiefs, and for anyone, it's really about life in general with a fire service twist.

The new year is all about resolutions so maybe there is something for you to take from here.

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